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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bye Bye Insulet, Hello Medtronic

Well, we officially dumped Omnipod. Any company that cares so little about their existing customers as to not give the new product to their current users, IS NOT in the business of making lives better. But in the business of making money off new customers and saying sorry to the loyal ones.

So, we have officially joined back into the tethered world of cords. Medtronic education, customer care and training is hands down the most professional system I have seen. They are calling me almost weekly to ensure we are doing well and happy. They send us training videos and emails all the time. AND they GUARANTEED us that when the new technology comes out soon we get it for free. And we won't be bypassed for new clients!  It is called the new technology guarantee. Ask for it!

While we aren't fond of being tethered it is much better than losing a pump site every day because it is too big for your skinny child's active little body. 

OMNIPOD Lied to use for months telling us it would be released in Feb, then March, then April, by May I learned my lesson. They didn't care about us. SAD! 

Omnipod feels like a small mom and pop operation compared to Medtronic. Medtronic is one of the largest manufacturers of medical devices worldwide and it shows.

Off my soap box now. But I hope Omnipod learns their lesson from treating customers like they are unimportant.

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