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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crohn's plus Diabetes = DIACRAPPY

Ok, so I haven't blogged in forever..... FORGIVE ME. We need advice.  Any other mommas out there combatting multiple auto-immune diseases with steroids on an insulin pump?

This is a nightmare and I am having trouble deciding the best course of action for combatting our problems.

Animas pump- we had occlusion problems and kept yanking out sites
Omnipod- first 12 hours on the pump he has horrible absorption of insulin

Humalog- crystalized in the pump on us
Apidra- seems to work best in pump first 48 hours and studies show it should be changed after 48 hours.

Do we switch to Novolog?

Go back to shots?


Despite my best efforts we are very unstable. He goes super high and crashes super low with only a tiny amount of insulin. His sensitivity is like 1:300.

Frustrated venting and hoping for a friend combatting the horrible steroid problems with DM1.


  1. I think Jessica has had to deal with steroids a lot with Liam due to breathing treatments... Have you reached out to her?

    Good luck, I hope you figure it out soon.

  2. P.S. ditto on the absorption issues. We have almost found a bolus/temp basal combo that works. Most days...

  3. Thanks Joanne! We ended up switching to Novolog and have done better.