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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bye Bye Insulet, Hello Medtronic

Well, we officially dumped Omnipod. Any company that cares so little about their existing customers as to not give the new product to their current users, IS NOT in the business of making lives better. But in the business of making money off new customers and saying sorry to the loyal ones.

So, we have officially joined back into the tethered world of cords. Medtronic education, customer care and training is hands down the most professional system I have seen. They are calling me almost weekly to ensure we are doing well and happy. They send us training videos and emails all the time. AND they GUARANTEED us that when the new technology comes out soon we get it for free. And we won't be bypassed for new clients!  It is called the new technology guarantee. Ask for it!

While we aren't fond of being tethered it is much better than losing a pump site every day because it is too big for your skinny child's active little body. 

OMNIPOD Lied to use for months telling us it would be released in Feb, then March, then April, by May I learned my lesson. They didn't care about us. SAD! 

Omnipod feels like a small mom and pop operation compared to Medtronic. Medtronic is one of the largest manufacturers of medical devices worldwide and it shows.

Off my soap box now. But I hope Omnipod learns their lesson from treating customers like they are unimportant.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Putting OMNIPOD makers on notice!!!

Dear Insulet Corporation,

As a customer, with a Type I diabetic 6 year old, I have been a faithful supporter and have been encouraging my friends to try the Omnipod system for two years now. It is unfortunate to realize that you are NOT that loyal to your CURRENT customers. Since the FDA has approved distribution of the new pod system, we have been very excited as our son loses sites often due to the size of the pod on his tiny little body. Bumps and slides on the playground can dislodge the cannula. So, image our dismay to learn that instead of shipping your supplies to existing customers, you are only distributing to NEW customers at this time. In what business model does this make sense? To anger your largest base of revenue just to gain a few new clients a day? We, as EXISTING users, would have been the most logical choice to receive the system first as we can give good, informative feedback based on comparison to the old system. We are your word of mouth! I am very disappointed in the lack of support you have shown to your current clientele in order to bring in new customers by slighting your current customers.


Mother and Artificial Pancreas for a very fragile diabetic with Crohn's disease as well

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crohn's plus Diabetes = DIACRAPPY

Ok, so I haven't blogged in forever..... FORGIVE ME. We need advice.  Any other mommas out there combatting multiple auto-immune diseases with steroids on an insulin pump?

This is a nightmare and I am having trouble deciding the best course of action for combatting our problems.

Animas pump- we had occlusion problems and kept yanking out sites
Omnipod- first 12 hours on the pump he has horrible absorption of insulin

Humalog- crystalized in the pump on us
Apidra- seems to work best in pump first 48 hours and studies show it should be changed after 48 hours.

Do we switch to Novolog?

Go back to shots?


Despite my best efforts we are very unstable. He goes super high and crashes super low with only a tiny amount of insulin. His sensitivity is like 1:300.

Frustrated venting and hoping for a friend combatting the horrible steroid problems with DM1.