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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And the winner is...... Animas Ping

We decided on the Animas Ping pump for sweet Parker. He needs such small doses that we had to rule out the Omnipod, which I also really liked. He just have had a great customer experience so far with Animas. The pump is set to arrive tomorrow. We can play with it over the weekend and then we go to our pump training class next week at Children's with a Pump Live date of May 31st!!! So exciting that we will be official pumpers in two weeks.

Here is our little man getting ready for his first t-ball game with his handy-dandy side clipped Dexcom Seven to tell us how he is handling the exercise. We have discovered that running crashes Parker's blood sugar like you would not believe. But we are ready with carb loaded snacks and drinks on the side lines.

I can't thank you D-Moms enough for the advice and support. I actually met a sweet family at dinner the other night with a T-1 daughter. I hope she joins the blogging world soon so she can get some much needed support. She and I both felt like we weren't getting the support we longed for from the diabetes educators and doctors at the endo-clinic but I told her how great you moms and dads have been.

It is so nice to have the love and support from strangers that feel like family!