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Friday, April 22, 2011

Pump Time.... Need Advice!

We made it through surgery to remove the lipoma from Parker's left side. He is doing really well and recovering a little too fast for me. I am trying to keep him down and resting but he is fighting me to get up and go! Yesterday we went to Pump It Up class at Children's Medical Center so that we can get the ball rolling towards getting a pump. We have it narrowed down to the Animas or Medtronic pumps because the Omnipod doesn't do small enough dosing for my little man. We love the Omnipod but need a basal rate of .025 so we can't use it. Bummer! We are pretty darn sure we are going to get the Animas but I wanted to hear from the DOC and hear what you pumpers like about your pumps.


  1. I'm so glad that surgery went well for Parker.

    Yay for pump class! Ally pumps on the MM Revel and uses the CGM. One of the reasons that we chose the MM was b/c of the integrated CGM. (I know lots of D Mamas who use the Dexcom though and it does not seem to be an issue for them to have a separate receiver) but we love that the pump functions as the receiver for the CGM. I really like the CareLink software too. You download your pump/cgm to CareLink, which is hosted online. So our NP logs into our account and can view all of the information without me having to call in or send it to her. It's really convenient. We have had no issues with our pump and are really happy. If I had to say one thing I wish that it had - it would be a remote for bolusing! Also, the CGM alarms are not loud enough. Whichever pump you choose, I hope that you will love pumping as much as we do!

  2. I got lots of advice when we were looking at pumps, and there are so many great posts about them - I know Reyna has one as does Wendy. We ended up with the Animas Ping, specifically because of the remote feature. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. The few times I have had to use the actual pump to bolus Adam, it has been a total pain in the neck to get him to slow down and allow me to get it out of his pump pack. Adam is a grazer right now, so if had to take his pump out each time I had to bolus, it would drive me batty. :) It's especially great at night for corrections!

    We have been very happy with it, although I imagine when he's older, we'll move on to the Omnipod. The tubing isn't a huge issue, but it is a pain sometimes.

  3. I love Animas. Joe has used it for four years now. He started on it when he was three years old. The remote is the bomb. The LED screen is awesome ~ visibility of other screens is difficult in the bright sun. The 0.025u/h basal feature is why we chose Animas. I think Medtronic does now have a basal rate that goes down to 0.025u too.

    I have used both products (professionally) and am partial to the Ping...but my opinion is skewed b/c of my long term experience with Animas. You can scroll through my Pumping Insulin tab (on my blog) has a list of other bloggers' posts on their pumps of choice as well.

    Please feel free to email me with any questions and/or concerns as

  4. I cannot chime in with advice about pumps, as we are not quiet on that journey (but getting close!).

    I do want to say I am oh so happy to hear Parker's surgery went well and it is now behind you. Are you breathing a little easier now?

  5. We have both (on year 5 plus with D) Animas was our first pump and currently using Minimed Revel. They are both great. With a preteen or teen who will be using more insulin than they ever will in life, I think the Minimed is a good idea because of the larger reservoir. Also like the fact you don't have to dial in the amount of insulin recommended by the pump. Animas truly is more waterproof and can be worn in the water (though doubt that you will need to, as swimming can drop their BS rapidly). And the remote is great. Also a plus is that Animas pump will communicate with Dexcom which is by far the most pain-free of the two cgms available on the market. We have tried Minimed cgms, greatly prefer Dexcom. Once Animas integrates, that would make it the pump of choice for us. You truly cannot go wrong with either pump, though.

  6. Heather - I just awarded you over on my blog...go check it out!! :) You are so encouraging just to see how you handle everything with such grace, and I wanted you to know. and hopefully it will bless others too to come across your blog!