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Friday, April 22, 2011

Pump Time.... Need Advice!

We made it through surgery to remove the lipoma from Parker's left side. He is doing really well and recovering a little too fast for me. I am trying to keep him down and resting but he is fighting me to get up and go! Yesterday we went to Pump It Up class at Children's Medical Center so that we can get the ball rolling towards getting a pump. We have it narrowed down to the Animas or Medtronic pumps because the Omnipod doesn't do small enough dosing for my little man. We love the Omnipod but need a basal rate of .025 so we can't use it. Bummer! We are pretty darn sure we are going to get the Animas but I wanted to hear from the DOC and hear what you pumpers like about your pumps.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Surgery number three

Sweet Parker has surgery number three tomorrow. Three surgeries in barely five years of life. Tomorrow we will hopefully have an uneventful and quick surgery to remove a large fatty tumor on his left hip. They will biopsy it but we have been assured that these are benign 99% of the time! Please pray that our Diabetes doesn't cause any craziness tomorrow since he will go without food for quite a while. Everything seems a little scarier with diabetes.