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Friday, February 4, 2011

This Honeymoon is No FUN!!!

Today I am super frustrated with this Honeymoon period....which is a stinky name for this phase. It sucks too much to have a nice name like that.  For those of you without T1 kiddos, the honeymoon phase is where the pancreas gets a little break because we are providing some insulin via injections, so it gives one last ditch effort at producing insulin on its own to regulate your blood sugar but does a crappy job of it. Right now it looks like his little pancreas spits out insulin at the most random, unpredictable times causing him to drop quickly. This morning I checked him at snack and his BG was 233 and within 2 hours at lunch, it had dropped to 53. I think it is officially time that I demand a continuous blood glucose monitor from our endocrinologist so we can be alerted when this is happening. Dropping that quickly not only makes Parker feel bad but is dangerous because he could become unconscious. It is critical that they work with us on becoming more aggressive in combatting these lows.

So, I guess I have to put on my mean panties and give the endocrinologist no choice but to do what we ask.  Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and Lord knows I have been a squeaky wheel when it comes to Parker's care in the past.

THANKS so much to Laura at for the shout out and asking the DOC community to welcome us. I was overwhelmed at the number of responses we have received from sweet parents going through the same issues. I feel so clueless when I read the veteran blogs of people who have done this longer. Our doctors are trying to limit our knowledge right now, which is quite frankly, ticking me off.  So, it is refreshing to see some advice and tips from parents who have been there.


  1. Knowledge is power. The more you know the more you are armed against this disease! =)

    A CGM would help you emensly. I have often told people that if I had known how much I would love having a CGM for Sugar Boy I would have gone that route even before the pump.

    The Honeymoon Period (I agree - STUPID NAME!!) is hard!!! We are actually still in a less agressive Honeymoon Period with Sugar Boy... and its been over 2 yrs!!!!

    Hang in there Mama - it sounds like you are doing a great job! (((HUGS)))

  2. That's funny what you wrote about the drs limiting knowledge. I think there is an industry-wide agreement that d-parents should only be told what they need to know at the beginning, to prevent them from being overwhelmed. While their intentions might be good, it makes you feel a bit dumbed down...The more someone acts like I'm not ready to know something, the more I want to know it! Human nature.

  3. I never really understood that part of type 1 diabetes care. That is how I felt our first year, it was like her endo just wanted us to know what he thought was best for Cara. It was very frustrating. I'm just glade that we are on the same page with our endo now :)

    Good luck, we were using the cgms for a little while through our clinic because we don't have extra coverage and in Ontario OHIP does not cover cgms...anyways we LOVED it!! I did not want to let it go!!

    Nice to "meet" you and take care! one day at a time.

  4. I agree with Donna...knowledge is power. I think that whatever you are up to learning...go for it. I learned SO MUCH from the DOC, and I think that is part of the reason that within 3 months of diagnosis we were on a CGM, and within 5 months we were pumping. All of this will help him in the long run. We also switched endos fairly quickly...the first one we saw, I didn't "click" with, so I sought out opinions from local T1 moms and found one that we love. He is so supportive of the parent, and that makes me feel more in control of Adam's diabetes.

    good luck! We are here for you whenever you need us!

  5. Yep...I was a nurse and they tried to "ease" me into all of the care. Boy was I a sucker! LOL. We are all here for you!

  6. I can't believe this, but I just posted the same post this evening!!!! God has brought us both together to share our frustrations and offer support through this challenging honeymoon time. Andrew and me are right here chugging the same path. God is teaching us something through this time. We need to stand strong and know that God is in control!

  7. You've found your rocks, my friend!

    Go get 'em :) We're behind you 100% of the way!

  8. Yep! 'easing us in' seems to be the norm. Remember when we were in school and the teacher would teach to the middle level? Well, those that were ahead got bored and tried to teach themselves ( future D parents!) and those behind were left in the dust. Well, being left in the dust in diabetes education makes for a very big risk, so I see why they limit information.

    Just remember all the information from the DOC is tried and true, but for THAT family at THAT stage and time. What works for one doesn't work for all. Except chocolate;) for us!

    We do know how to support one another and you will certainly find loads of that!

    Oh, and I totally agree that honeymooning sucks. And now that term is ruined for me forever!!!!

  9. It is so frustrating!!
    One day you will just look back and think WOW - I've come so far. I could title a blog post 'What I have learned from the DOC' <-- way more than I ever learned from any of the doctors or nurses. I think we are the ones living it so we have better advice.

    I'm always here for you!! I had such a nice time with you at lunch today! It's so strange - I've never met a D-Mama and felt like she was anything but one of my closest friends. This silly disease bonds us like no other.

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Let me know about DexCom --- I'm happy to help! :)