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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Every party has a pooper, that's why we invited Parker's pancreas!

So here's how I picture Parker's pancreas right now....

His pancreas is like the worst checker ever at the grocery store: The checker rings up the food that Parker buys, gets the total but then he takes a lunch break, goes out back to smoke, chats with his girlfriend on the cell (maybe smokes some Mary Jane), before returning to take your money. Then, he gives you the wrong change!

We give him a specified amount of food (40-45 carbs), no insulin (because he goes too low with insulin right now in his honeymoon phase), he spikes a high after he eats and stays high for a few hours, then the pancreas appears to dump a boat load of insulin causing him to drop fast! So if you just look at his meal numbers, he seems great. If you see the sugar spikes and slow progress down...not so great. Not to mention we have to help him along by drowning him with water and running his little booty off.

I feel like his diabetes was a full time job this week.

We borrowed the DexCom 7 from my sweet friend Emily, inserted the probe Tuesday night and had pretty fabulous readings all week. They certainly got better after two days of frequent calibrating. By today we had numbers within two points of the glucometer. But Parker loved "Dexter" a little too much! He decided to bring him down to me this morning while he was beeping and dropped him from only two feet onto our tile kitchen floor and broke him. How does that happen! I have dropped my cell phone from 5 feet and it still works, but we just had to break the loaner! I wanted to cry. It was nice enough to have someone lend it to us, but now we are those bad friends who break things they borrow. I know it was an accident but man were we both sad. Parker cried because he didn't have his buddy anymore, I cried at the thought of having to tell Emily, but she was so sweet about it. I'm sure we will end up figuring out a way to get a new one soon. Parker's very own "Dexter" took absolutely no time to order. We loved the ease of use and ordered it on Wednesday and they shipped it Friday. Hopefully we can keep him in use a lot longer. The beeps were annoying the first day until I adjusted the parameters. They saved our son's life Friday night. He needed a sliding scale dose of Humalog at bedtime Friday because his sugar was 356. So, we would have checked him at 2 am but Dexter started beeping at 10:30 pm that Parker was double down low to 51! Yikes!!! We woke him up to try to eat fruit snacks and drink juice. It was hard, he was pretty darn lethargic.  Here he is showing off his site. He was super freaked out when he saw the sensor we had to insert, but once it was problem!

The rest of the weekend I have seen huge spikes after meals and have been checking ketones, pumping water and exercising Parker like crazy! I need a vacation!  We did manage to have some fun, though. We went to Arbor Hills and started t-ball practice (that will have to be another blog in its self).

Our little Sweet Pea needs a shout out too. She was such a good girl all weekend while we drug her around from activity to activity.


  1. Honeymoon! Hard! I'm trying to figure it out every day! I keep bending my mind trying to figure out what's best, and of course, everyday it changes!!

  2. Sounds like you got the Dex fast--that's great! Hopefully that will help you figure some things out during the honeymoon period.

  3. Honeymooning is definitely a challenge! We were totally off insulin until a beast of a virus hit. After a week, we're back down to 1.0 unit of levemir. I'm hoping we can come back off again. I can't stand the lows!

  4. Your analogy is HILARIOUS!! Mary Jane...ha ha ha!

    It is definitely a crazy thing, that honeymoon. I'm thinking we're finally done with it because Adam has been nothing but high, high, high lately.

    Yay for Dexcom!

  5. Boo for dropping Dex! :(
    I know you were so sad!

    Although I am cracking up at your analogy. Mary Jane - bahahaha!! I have the munchies now!! :)

    I got your text - we were at my mom's for dinner,then home for quick baths and bed. I'm awake now -- fighting a high from a lost pod!

    Chat tomorrow! :)

  6. Cute photo of a very cute Mama!!!!

  7. Hi! I just found you through awesome Laura. I would have cried too when the Dex fell! Thank goodness for good understanding friends!

    You got it right on the money with the bad register worker...I have four boys, the youngest three are type 1...and when my last two were diagnosed, we were just like you, no insulin injections and a crappy pancreas to work with! The lows ALWAYS followed a high carb meal. It was such a pain, I actually couldn't wait for the honeymoon to be over so we could have just a moment of normalacy. (Whatever that is.) But that was before CGM's. Thank goodness you are getting one! What a blessing.

    Man...long comment...but it is great to meet you!