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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 Down, 1 To Go

So, we started with 4 shots a day when we left the hospital. Three doses of Humalog and one dose of Lantus. We are now down to one meal dose of Humalog at dinner, and it is the smallest dose you can give in a syringe. The diabetes educator thinks we will be rid of that dose in another week or so. CRAZY!!!

So, how exactly is my T1 diabetic kiddo off all his insulin almost? I have no freaking idea! The doctors say he is just REALLY honeymooning, my husband says the prayers are working, and I say who the heck knows at this point what God's plans are for my little guy. Maybe his pancreas is going to hold out a little longer, maybe we caught it so early that he still has enough function that we can remain off insulin a little while longer, maybe his prayers for healing are being answered, maybe , maybe.... I just don't know what to think.

I do know that I have awesome T1 support. My friend Emily sent us her spare DexCom Seven to try for a few weeks, complete with 2 sensors. (how nice is she because I know this stuff is expensive?)
Laura at Houston, we have a problem!!! is lending us Nate's old DexCom carry case until I buy a better one. We watched a few You-tube videos to ease Parker's nerves about getting "Dexter" inserted tonight. It eased his nerves, but dang was I nervous.  That thing has a big A**needle! We got the DexCom sensor inserted, no problem, and it is now working! I love seeing the trends. So far it was easy to insert, easy to calibrate, easy to use the menus and settings. We shall see how accurate our readings are.

Just in case you think this is me exaggerating about the big scary needle insertion, here's the videos I watched to help me.

One Happy Diabetic
Superhero's DexCom Insertion


  1. Good luck with the CGM! I watched Tracy's videos many times while inserting my first few sensors.

    Adam came home from the hospital on 6u of Levemir, and he quickly tapered off to 3u. Now he's on about 4...honeymoons are interesting!

  2. Yeah...the needle is SCARY!!! I think the SAME thing girl. I am impressed by his honey-mooning!

  3. Good luck with the CGM!! Let us know how it goes! :)

    Sugar Boy went through a similar honeymoon as your son. He was diagnosed in mid November... by the end of December (best Christmas present EVER!!!!) he was completely off of insulin. He was off insulin for a full week. It was amazing. During that week we were able to *cautiously* let him eat whatever, whenever he wanted (within reason) and he gloried in having no restricitons and no shots for a full week. Of course we contiued to check his sugars.
    If you guys get such a week, ENJOY it!!!! Maybe yours will be longer???? Whatever it ends up being... dont question it. Just be thankful for the gift that it is. :)

  4. I' so glad you guys got Dexter!! What a wonderful friend!! I saw the flat line today and it was beautiful - keep me posted on his mid-morning check. It was great to meet Parker and Avery today. :)

  5. Oh how I hope his honeymoon is long and sunny!!! True, it is in God's plan when it will end, but enjoy it while the respite from needles is here. :)

  6. Thanks for you comment on my blog... yay for honeymooning! We caught Elise's so early that she was on hardly any insulin at first... but we used diluted, and I think it equaled something like 1/5 of a unit of humalog at dinner. Hope your honeymoon lasts for a long, long time!

  7. I don't know you, but I found your blog today through a link on Meri's (Our Diabetic Life) page.
    My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 on Feb 17, 2010. She also has had an amazing honeymoon period. Her A1C at diagnosis was 11.3
    She was on insulin for 14 days in the beginning and she was having a lot of lows, so her doctor slowly was weaning her onto lower doses during those 14 days. After 14 days she was off of insulin 100%
    She was off of insulin for over a year, which is simply amazing and God's grace to us, I believe. She has just now in the last month started on small doses of insulin again. She takes 1 unit of Lantus each day and between 1/2 and 1 unit of Novolog at each meal. I pray that she continues like this a long, long time.
    Our endocrinologist is in amazement of her. I am just so thankful!
    I will pray for a long honeymoon for your son.